Purchase Agreement

Thank You for your photo order!

If you have ordered any prints, your order will be filled and shipped within 3-4 weeks. If you need an image for a RUSH order, please make a note on your order form or email me directly. For any images being used in an ad, you CANNOT scan and use the image within said ad until a RELEASED image has been purchased. It will be emailed to your designer or to you, depending upon which type of RELEASE is purchased.


If you ordered an AD image, the image will be emailed directly to your ad designer within 2-3 days, unless a RUSH order is needed. If you need the image(s) RUSHED, please contact me directly.


If you have ordered a FULL RELEASE image, the image will be emailed to you as a High Resolution image. If you are needing a RUSH image, please contact me directly. You may use a FULL RELEASE image in any advertising form, on various social media platforms and/or make as many prints as you would like. We do request that the Caryn Hill Photo watermark remains on any image purchased. On request, I can also email this Full Release image to your ad designer.

All images are of Caryn Hill Photo property and are protected under the Copyright Protection Law.


Thank you!

Caryn Hill


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